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when snow falls, so should your speed.

...and there's absolutely NO way i'm going out in the snow tonight. hell to the no. i totaled my poor car on monday so i'm a bit freaked out to brave that white stuff on the roads. 

music sampling instead. and my new headphones just arrived. kind of pimp, i must say :)
 ...and the song obsessions of the evening: "fables" by the dodos. they have a xylophone player. awesome...

enjoy loves. 


the nerd within.

i love this. not sure whether the nerdy look could be achieved in the mitten state...
contemplating. i AM in need of another pair of reading specs...hmmm... :)



mumford & sons

poo on creative droughts. the winter blahs are notorious for that! 

folksy music mood today. mumford & sons are my new love. enjoy my dear friends!



denim please.

denim inspiration via caroline blomst

...bought a sewing pattern the other week for a denim skirt. now the tricky part is actually forcing myself to complete the project. i'm giving myself a spring deadline... :)



birth month.

my birth month has begun. overnight february becomes the month of constant celebration! not really. but i like the concept!! a family friend gave me this idea years ago. every year he celebrates his birth month (and forces his family/friends to join in the festivities), so why not the rest of us celebrate our birth months too?? :) 

...oh and happy birth month to my baby sis whitney! love you lovey!!