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to commence

to commence: to begin

it's definitely the beginning of something, i just have yet to figure that one out. have you ever felt the need to detach yourself from the routinely grind of life? to embark on a fresh adventure, filled with...uncertainties?

as strange as it may sound, that's the direction in which i am currently heading will full force. just this past week i left my job of 2 years for some serious R&R. i'm not typically one to leave life up to so much uncertainty. i much rather prefer to have those 'ducks in a row', yet when the Lord moves us in a new direction...we best follow.

what i've concluded is that i am due for a much needed sabbatical. it's so easy to get caught up in the busyness and routine that we begin to miss out on some key elements in life and begin to lose focus of the TRUE calling that God has for us...thus the Lord has made it clear to me that it's time for some reevaluation and rest...

what might you ask will i be filling all this time with?

well...QT with the Big Man upstairs (aka. ample amounts of time for communion with the Lord), cultivating my gifts (creative endeavors), savoring God's creation, physical rest, edifying the mind (aka. sitting down with a good book and indulging!), having fellowship with those people i love, etc.

i don't know why the Lord led me into this season but i am confident in His plan...
psalm 37:7..."be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him"