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a chaser of rainbows.

I love my friends. They're all so unique//quirky//creative//adventurous//inspiring...

One such friend is a chaser of rainbows. Miss Aline.

Go read her blog. A blend of poetry, music, depth, art, photography, creativity...

A snip-it from her last post...

"My mind keeps going back and forth and I still find myself in the same moment I've been in at various points throughout the years. A sort of longing and heightened realization that I've been in this waiting room for so long..."

Beautifully written my friend.



ambivalence avenue by bibio

in between these white hotels
the parallel pavements are peaceful
the fallen leaves from flakey trees
that decorate car bonnets

i had this beautiful day dreaming moment
the sun was shining strangely amber
shouldered by flickering golden green avenues
and city doves perching on vapour trails

then we saw from the upper deck
watching ourselves as if seeing our future
greeted by strangers who seemed to be good friends
and welcomed us through their shiny red door

that's about when my dream began fading out
and hearing the thoughts of ambivalence

song inspiration of the day. contemplating getting this whole album...



ray-ban & rob pattinson

I got my "Stuff White People Like" email update this afternoon. #130 Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Click, and read it. Although my shades are actually from the men's section in Aldo (all the womens were those obnoxious bug-eyed-looking-things), I chuckled reading about these 80s-inspired shades -- those sunglasses that "make you different, just like all the different people you're trying to be like"...I've fallen in conformity unknowingly! Nooo...

Speaking of those who wear 80s-inspired shades, I thought this article about Twilight & Rob Pattinson quite interesting. Who knew purity could be sexy?? :) 



i heart . . .

...leading ladies of films past. fierce, feminine and a bit quirky too!

don't you just love the sophistication and beauty they exude? if only films today were as they use to be. sigh...

photos: julie andrews, rosemary clooney, audrey hepburn, ingrid bergman

these are a few of my favorite leading ladies. go watch julie andrews in 'victor victoria', rosemary clooney in 'white christmas' (and bing's in it, so that's an added bonus!), audrey in 'my fair lady' (so quirky!) and ingrid in...duh, 'casablanca'...

go rent a classic tonight my friends.



8 days 'til christmas...

...the Jimmy Eat World version is my favorite. But Sheila's version always makes me smile :)



christmas list experiment.

So who's helping who this Christmas??

loving on people//reaching out//helping those in need

Christmastime can be both a season of great excess and great depravity. Those of us in excess are often times blind to our material wealth with our continual stride for greater satisfactions. The pursuit of the latest gadget, obsession, article of clothing -- all create an environment for ignorance/self-centeredness if not properly balanced with an awareness for the rest of humanity. 

Without becoming long-winded (which could easily happen with this subject), I wanted to encourage/challenge you all to purposefully demonstrate the love of Christ -- as an act of service to others -- this holiday season. 

Our idea - This Christmas, instead of the usual Christmas Day routine our family will be heading downtown to serve Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter. Despite the hype of helping those in need around the holidays, most shelters have little-to-no help on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day -- as most families spend those days gathered together in the comfort of their own home.  

I challenge you to ask yourself how God wants you to love on people this holiday season. Just an'll look different for everyone. So, what's your idea?

Love God. Love People. 

...see for more ideas!




hair preview today for a fashion show i'm modeling in next week. should be a rush. already have the 4+ inch heels to stomp it out in. after getting a sneak-peek of my hairdo, it's made me wishing for another era of glamour...

photos via W magazine photo shoot. love love love the finger waves...



i heart . . .

natural beauty. photo by look left and look right 

"swing tree" by discovery. my personal song obsession of the week. and a close second is "dreams come true girl" by cass mccombs. love them both. to the windy city tomorrow.