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christmas list experiment.

So who's helping who this Christmas??

loving on people//reaching out//helping those in need

Christmastime can be both a season of great excess and great depravity. Those of us in excess are often times blind to our material wealth with our continual stride for greater satisfactions. The pursuit of the latest gadget, obsession, article of clothing -- all create an environment for ignorance/self-centeredness if not properly balanced with an awareness for the rest of humanity. 

Without becoming long-winded (which could easily happen with this subject), I wanted to encourage/challenge you all to purposefully demonstrate the love of Christ -- as an act of service to others -- this holiday season. 

Our idea - This Christmas, instead of the usual Christmas Day routine our family will be heading downtown to serve Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter. Despite the hype of helping those in need around the holidays, most shelters have little-to-no help on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day -- as most families spend those days gathered together in the comfort of their own home.  

I challenge you to ask yourself how God wants you to love on people this holiday season. Just an'll look different for everyone. So, what's your idea?

Love God. Love People. 

...see for more ideas!


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