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DTW = Detroit

AMS = Amsterdam

Time: 8:11pm, September 19th

Location: Somewhere over Greenland

Listening to “Hey Jude” by the Beatles

Currently in flight to Amsterdam. After so many hours sitting and facing the reality of the several left, I decided to blog on some random flight occurrences. Keeps me sane, or at least I’d like to believe so!

So I got on the flight easy enough. No bumps in the road. I’m now thanking God for the blessing of having an aisle seat. You know, between the long limbs and bathroom breaks (you know me!) it’s coming in handy.

The guy to my right is probably about my age. He’s sleeping. We haven’t spoken a word to each other since I politely asked him to reach and switch on my air vent. He’s wearing this oversized green t-shirt that brushes my arms every time he shifts in his seat. The first hour or so it was REALLY bothering me. Then, after realizing the green sleeve wasn’t going anywhere I decided to play a game. Now the green sleeve is part of the garment of my sister Mikelle, or someone with whom I’m close to. With the twist of perspective it becomes more of a comfort than a nuisance.

Let me continue on to elderly man sitting in front of me. Periodically throughout the flight he lifts his napkin into the air. Not just a casual lift, but a fluid, purposeful motion. And he will simply hold it there. At first I thought he was signaling the flight attendant (or stewardess…I can’t remember which is ‘politically correct’), however I soon learned this was not the case. The purpose of this display was to demonstrate to his wife the air currents from the neighboring vents. I guess that’s a needed piece of information…

During dinner we watched a video on reptiles. Concerning dinner: I ate only the salad, cheese, and a couple Oreos. The nuked chicken/rice concoction looked like it might do a number on the ‘ole tummy. Back to the reptiles. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan. We watched this man as he squatted by oversized turtles and discussed random facts on reptile life. Just this week I heard a story on reptiles (I mean it’s not too often one just sits around and discusses such topics). A girl at work was telling about her brother’s friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s cousin (you get the picture) who had a pet boa constrictor. Supposedly the snake would sleep all coiled up in bed with this lady. Ugh! That gives me the chills right there! Anywoo, this lady began to notice that her snake wasn’t eating. Then he began sleeping not in his usual coil, but stretched all the way out in bed. She sought out her vet for answers, but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She became very concerned that he snake might be starving himself, so she got a second opinion from another animal doctor. He laid it out plainly for her: Her snake was sizing her up at night and starving himself in order to eventually eat her! AHHH! I guess he was stretching himself out for consumption. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a snake the same ever again. So that’s my reptile story.

Oh and I guess the lady ended up putting her snake down. Probably a good idea…

Hmm. Nothing else too earth-shattering. Oh! There’s that green sleeve again J

Until next time…