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when snow falls, so should your speed.

...and there's absolutely NO way i'm going out in the snow tonight. hell to the no. i totaled my poor car on monday so i'm a bit freaked out to brave that white stuff on the roads. 

music sampling instead. and my new headphones just arrived. kind of pimp, i must say :)
 ...and the song obsessions of the evening: "fables" by the dodos. they have a xylophone player. awesome...

enjoy loves. 


Rebecca said...

Whaaaa totaled your car?? :( Sorry boo boo!

Line said...

oh, love the dodos. top 10 right now! we are in the same musical stream it seems.. :)

ashley lynn said...

aline - great minds think alike!!

yes becca - poor thing went to the crusher yesterday. the search for the new ride begins...boooo... :)