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matthew 5:8

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God"

Today I received an email from a pastor-friend of mine lobbying for input for his sermon this week. The foundation of his message - Matthew 5:8 - for which he posed the question: "How have you seen God this past year" ? ? ? 

Asking for one-liners, stories, experiences - I responded with the following...

"Hmm - If I could sum up how I've seen God this past year, it would be tangibly. And tangibly isn't as easy as it seems. Indeed there is an indescribable joy in drawing closer to the heart of God, but it is typically accompanied by some degree of pain or discomfort. But it's within that brokenness that I've seen God more clearly than ever. That within my earthly rejection I catch glimpses of my heavenly direction. I consider my faith journey as a refining process - as day by day I continually learn what it means to love God and love people. To live as a disciple of Christ..."

Question of the Day: How have you seen God this year? What does that look like for you? 

xoxo ;)

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