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awfully crafty of you.

Today I've been on a crafting craze. Spray painting oddities in the backyard, antique furniture shopping, writing the last bits of my riveting abstinence talk for this weekend...

I'm revamping my bedroom/studio - have been inspired by the colors of autumn-turning-winter...especially the colors in these photos. They were taken this past weekend in Northern Michigan. Who knew that dead/dreary could be so breathtaking?? So peaceful/tranquil...the grays, blues, black...hello earthy tones!

Well it's 5pm EST and I've yet to put myself together to face the day. Whoops! Time flies when you're having fun! The outfit today is quite inspirational: spectacles for typing, sweatshirt from the 3rd grade (still as comfy as ever), no make-up, the half-braided hair, black spray paint still on my pinky finger...guess I'd better go wash up before tonight! ;)

Tonight's our monthly "Book Club". Well, it's hardly a book club. We never chat about books. More like a smorgasbord of girls coming together for some food, fun, and fellowship! 

Music of the Day: Anything "folky"'s just one of those fall days...

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Line said...

wooo for folk music and craft day.. I need me one of those!