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i just finished listening to a provocative podcast message via ps. paul scanlon regarding the church today...

i loved what he had to say: "when you build a church for all you are asking for big trouble. it's not safe, it's not predictable, it's not's just a mess. and god doesn't care, god says i love it when it's like that. i love it when it's messy..."

he goes on to talk about how the church shouldn't be exclusively for christians. it ought to be for all types of people. to welcome people is to love people. welcoming people does not equate endorsing their lifestyle, but at least allowing them to be within earshot of the gospel. to encourage their interest. to partner with them in their journey. to allow them the chance to experience god's love...

"jesus trained his heart to love people. and realized that i can't walk through life judging people and picking and choosing who are my types. god's types are human beings..."

it gave me something to chew on.
happy sunday, xoxo.

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