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dallas and back.

Flew in last night from Dallas. Road-tripped down to drop one of my besties off at school. Gone on her new adventure for a year. Wow. A new and exciting year it is...

So, hello 2010! I can't believe you're here! I must admit, I have GOOD feelings about this year. Those inclinations aren't induced by anything, just the excitement of expectation!

For me a new year means a whole 365 days where I can continue my trend of randomness (randomness for me, not God), dreaming big and being love. 

In 2009 my passport acquired a few new stamps, I experienced being a workaholic and a retiree, made an appearance on a CBN show, took a month-long sabbatical, graduated from my undergrad program, watched as God slammed doors and swung others wide open...

Funny how life is. It can change in the blink of an eye and I guarantee it's not what you will expect. 

So here's my bit of wisdom as you enter this new year. Live with reckless abandonment. Never settle. Dream big. Dream crazy big. Allow God's peace to be your guide. With Him, all is possible.

Quote for ya to mull over: "Growth demands a temporary surrender of security" - American journalist Gail Sheehy

Go and do my friends. 


Music love of the week...

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Line said...

wise words, dear friend..
and I loved the song !