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ok. i'm over winter. it can go now. enough with the doom and gloom of cloudy days and icy nights. although i love cozying up with a good book during the winter months i've become restless...and have almost read myself into an oblivion. as i sit here now i'm counting the books strewn about my room, in which all are in process of being devoured. 6 to be exact. ridiculous. time for a diversion of sorts...any ideas??

or perhaps, if you are joining me in this reading frenzy i'll make a few suggestions...

"the wordy shipmates" by sarah vowell. witty, sarcastic, surprisingly feisty. a view of the puritan's journey to america. for those who love history and sarcasm.

"blink" by malcolm gladwell. although there are aspects with which i disagree upon w/gladwell, i admire his perspective and insight on the decision-making process. for those who love psychology.

"man's search for meaning" by viktor frankl. holocaust survivor recounting his life in a nazi death camp & its relation to his spiritual/mental endurance. a recommended read for everyone.

goodness, i could make a million suggestions but i'll stop there. and the words of dr. suess:

the more that you read
the more things you will know
the more that you learn
the more places you'll go

deep, eh?

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