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the hunt.

the hunt has come. and gone. 

we secured the perfect christmas tree today. 9 feet tall. that beast of a tree dusts the top of the ceiling...which i don't think there's going to be any room for a star...poo...

first photo: yours truly @ the tree farm that our fam has frequented since the dawn of time. no worries, i left those baby trees alone. 

second & third photos: mikelle and whit, my baby sisters. tree hunting never looked this good, eh?

a second hunt has taken place this week too. the hunt for bambi. yes, i know, what am i thinking? me? wielding a rifle? laugh aloud. go ahead, i give you permission. you're not the first...

to answer your question: yes, i went hunting. craziness, i know. but quite honestly, i really enjoyed it. going with boss (that's my dad) before dawn, watching the sunrise in the middle of nowhere...that's bonding folks! not to mention watching him dress a deer. holy petes! he's my hero after watching that display of manliness...

go hunt my friends. not necessarily trees or deer. but something! because sometimes the pursuit possesses a greater reward than the actual acquisition. food for thought. 

xoxo :)

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