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wet nails

The best way to dry nails - update the 'ole blog.

I selected a bluish-grey color for this week. It reminds me of autumn. Rather, it mirrors the color of the sky for the next several months. I don't mind the gloom. Clouds are an introverts friend. Especially after today - cloudy, leaves changing color, rain splattering again the window. It's the mood to feel inspired my friends! ;)

Currently listening to the album "Le Fil" by Camille. Although I'm a few years behind in discovering her, the album has awakened a new love for French pop music! Thanks Aline for the tunes!

This week I'm working on preparing a talk for an upcoming purity conference. Although I am passionate about the seriousness that surrounds purity/self-worth/image/etc - - I chuckle that I now find myself in the position of being the poster-child for purity. I would be mucho blessed for prayers as I prep for these conferences.

This is what I have so far. "Hi. My name is Ashley. I'm 23 years old and a virgin"...

How's that for an attention-getter?? ;)

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Line said...

haha, sounds like a purity annonymous meeting. :D
aw, yay for camille! when you're done with camille, check out rose. she's just as enchanting.