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"The Lord announces victory, and throngs of women shout the happy news. Enemy kings and their armies flee, while the women of Israel divide the plunder" (Psalm 68:11,12)

Recently I've found myself reflecting on what it means to be female. Random, perhaps. But a topic I find quite intriguing.

For the longest time I rarely celebrated myself as a female. If anything, I viewed my gender as a source of limitations. Especially as a lanky, blonde doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the stereotypes that come along with that image! :) Determined to prove myself adequate I overcompensated through competitiveness, perfectionism and the rejection of most things feminine. Heels were completely out of the question!

Obviously (if you know me personally), my mindset has since changed. I still kick butt - but often times in massive heels. Ha! I'd like to see a guy try that!

...But I've discovered there's a strength in women that can never be duplicated in men. Not an overly zealous, aggressive/forceful strength. Rather a strength that accompanies a gentle (not weak), beautiful (not provocative) woman who's source of confidence (not cockiness) comes COMPLETELY from the Main Man in her life. And by Main Man, I mean the Creator of the Universe - Our Heavenly Father. If you don't know what He thinks of you - get in the Word. Read it, pray it, believe it, speak it.

Yes, we girls were created uniquely for purposes only fulfilled when we stop trying to be something we're not! We were not meant as doormats, nor to achieve male domination. There are battles to be won as daughters of God. Daughters, not sons. In heels no less.

"We cannot become what we were created to be until we remember who we are" - Lisa Bevere

Just a snip-it for you girls to chew on.


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Katie said...

Well spoken. I completely agree. Thanks for the encouragement !