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change is in the air

This past Friday night I FINALLY got to see Rosie Thomas in concert. I missed her show last year due to poor planning, but this year...second row baby! The concert was opened by Sheila Saputo, Rosie's alter ego. My sis and I about died laughing. Click HERE for inspiring words by Sheila...changed my life...

Here's some culture for ya: Check out Florence and the Machine. Singer from the UK. Big fan of the remixes on her MySpace.

To the topic at hand...
I decided that change is in the air. Not for me personally. I mean, I feel like "change" occurs daily in my life...but this is in regards to a change in culture. More specifically, change within Christian culture. I don't know what it is, but lately I've been sensing that there's a shift taking place. I can't even quite put my finger on it! Maybe this feeling is something weird that I ate (but I honestly doubt it's that), but I sense a stirring of something new. Something different. Innovative. Fresh. That God is raising up a generation, vastly different from anything we've ever seen before.

I see my friends, passionate about their love for Jesus, oozing with potential for greatness. Not greatness achieved for their own self-satisfaction, but rather greatness that glorifies God through unique creativity/originality/to choose the road less travelled...or the road NEVER travelled.

More thoughts to come...
Kuddos to my buds being #loverev wherever they are in the world!


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Line said...

florence + the machine is amazing! I loved listening to them.

ah, you're so right about change... I don't know when it's going to happen.. but I think it's going to be something great.

I'm ready for our next adventure, dear! hehe